Any story behind the album title and art-

The album is called SUMMER OF LIFE,
music takes you in to my life as a 30 something musician trying to stay afloat and excited about making records- kinda done with being the bad boy in what seems an endless summer , i moved to Ocean beach to write produce and record it in my house , yeah it was an album that litteraly rescued me from depression and heartbreak- yeah theres a lot of cliches about this album including drug experimentation, which may reflect the reason the album took forever to get composed but in some way i guess it helped shape the record.- i guess i had nothing to do for 6 months but write,live record,travel and smoke cigarretes and drink alcohol and experiment with drugs and i may say i never took drugs until i moved to Ocean Beach but maybe as a social experiment or boredom - a friend/engineer named Dan Shannon was introduced to me by a novelist Navarina Wakefield - and helped me turn my house in to a recording studio with recording sessions that lasted hours than days and weeks we slept on the floor, and stopped only for cigarretes alcohol and a trip to the beach to look at the girls for inspiration- between my ocasional spontaneous adventures to the Redwoods,Kings Canyon,Las Vegas and hanging out with in Los Angeles and walking in the empty streets of Hollywood after some parties , and many misadventures - the album ended literaly as someone got murdered in front of my house - and i was bouncing the harmonies on to the drive - i walked outside and well - you can read that online - www.utsandiego.com/news/2013/Jun/03/mna-killed-police-identified/
i went outside to see what was happening and unfortunately caught it all i guess you can say neighbors allowed me to make so much noise at all hours of the night kinda like the movie animal house even with a fat naked john belushi running around and drugs and girls and alcohol everywhere. I actually moved the next day after the murder- you could say we got away with murder litearlly at that place . The shoot was taken before record was made by photographer Brian Lynch when we took my living room to sunset cliffs and photographer had his girlfriend pose with me at the last minute for some shots on the back of the cover. model is Katie Reinhardt-

What else is new with the band that we should know about? out of this album a new band was born to back me up , i call them THE CENTRAL PARK 5 , cause it sounds jazzy like the album but they can actually unleash as beasts on stage - some members include Edward j Coven on keys, Blaise Garza on saxophone,Jason Knight on drums , Caelob Grabowski on bass , and Dan Shannon on second guitar but we kicked him out of the band for being a sissy . No just kidding well a little i think the lack of sleep,drugs women and booze literaly made him loose his religion and by the end of the record he looked like Michael Stipe, well be playing all summer long along with some tour in the works.


released July 1, 2013

produced by Christopher Leyva& Ocean Beach
Mixed& Mastered by Matt VanAllen
Chief Engineer- Dan Shannon
Christopher Leyva guitars,some keys vocals and random things ,Edward j Coven on keys, Blaise Garza on saxophone,Jason Knight on drums , Caelob Grabowski on bass , and Dan Shannon on second guitar but we kicked him out of the band for being a sissy .
--- additional singers
Makenna Cavanaugh
Selina Sorensen
Frank Guardiano
and the sounds of Ocean Beach



all rights reserved


Leyva Los Angeles, California

Chris Leyva was actually born in a small town outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. He arrived in San Diego as an eight-year-old. An insatiable music fan, Leyva was soon hooked on the idea of rock \'n\' roll. He cites The Beatles, Nirvana, The Rembrandts as major influences .To date he has released seventeen albums. In 2003 he started up a music management agency Black Cherry Music Group. ... more

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